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Just as the lotus flower is born in the most polluted swamp and floods it with its fragrance, 0800 Don Rouch was born to represent jewelry made with technical art and passion.

If we were not in love with jewelry we would not have succeeded.

The jewels represent the most important moments of our lives; only an expert aware of this reality can give their best in creating pieces that will last forever.

We work with the most expensive and difficult to get raw materials on the world market.

We know from colleagues that they do not value the effort and sacrifice of so many people and resources to get them, bringing poor quality jewelry to the market.

It is important that they know the difference between something expensive and something well worked; work well done does not make the piece more expensive, while inexperienced work transforms jewelry into something with little value.

Should you want to know anything about us, the most important thing to know: we do not conceive a life without dedicating ourselves to fine jewelry.