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Directly from the noisy and vibrant streets of the Microcentro of the City of Buenos Aires, Don Roque has managed to establish himself in record time as the highest representative of Contemporary Jewelry.

His pieces do not lie: Don Roque, whose character, application, and talent were forged within a family of jewelers and artists, knew how to exhibit from his first steps a vision of the future that was very different from that of a sector that seemed doomed to mere imitation in loop of everything that had ever worked.

Just like the lotus flower, which is born in the most polluted swamp and floods it with its fragrance, Don Roque was born to represent jewelry made with art, technique, and passion.

Of course, it is not only about the material, because the spiritual –central point in the life of Don Roque– is another of the keys when it comes to entering the wide universe of 0800 Don Rouch.

Each of his pieces has a physical body and a spiritual body, completely transforming the daily existence of those who possess them.

Nor is it about establishing a competition for who is the goldsmith who uses the most gold, platinum and diamonds, something very common in the scene and completely contrary to Don Roque's message. Above all, the most important thing is to break the limits of what is established to create unique works of art, a task to which he devotes himself with the passion and dedication of someone who never settles for what has already been achieved.

There in a field in which many see the reign of individualism, 0800 Don Rouch demonstrated that there is nothing stronger than the ties of a community that has been growing by leaps and bounds for several years now throughout the world.